how important is self realization?

8 Feb

good vs. bad

How do I understand what is good for me and what is bad? As I contemplate my very own desires, I find it hard to distinguish the items I need and those I just want. Must I weigh out the pros and cons of every single contemplation? Sounds like a goofy thought doesn’t it!? I think so.

I am battling with the free things that once brought me joy in my life. Not that they completely lack the same joy at this moment but now that joy seems weak. Does that mean it is bad, or is it still good? I am contemplating on how to understand the difference. I’ve pondered on whether the spirit of the once existing desire is moving, or whether it is just resting. See, there is a difference. But what is the meaning?


Mirror Mirror OFF the Wall

7 Feb

Mirror Mirror OFF the Wall

Just came across a super inspiring blog about the Sociology of Fashion! I recommend you check it out… Kjerstin Gruys is an extremely admirable feminist fashion blogger and a cultural Sociologist. In due time I hope to follow in her footsteps!

Also, check out what Oranges and Apples has to say about Finance, Feminism and Feminism: The Shopaholic Stereotype. She is a triple F threat 😉


enjoy: )